May 5, 2011


YouTube for video, the most popular site on the Internet Hbut provides all services free of charge. Many people have already taken advantage of YouTube and showed their talents to the world.
Many companies use YouTube to increase access to markets and consumers. Here are 6 ways to make money from YouTube
 1. Video units. This is the easiest way to earn money online with YouTube. All you have to do is login to your AdSense account and link it with your YouTube account. And then customize the videos.2. Run ads on YouTube videos. You can place links to your videos or put them in the description. I'm sure you saw from those links floating on the videos.
    3. Video provided with high quality content. Maybe you can become a publisher (exceptional) and Google will split ad revenue with you.4. Begin to create a blog or video site. Can this blog and sites that contain anything from videos. Then he tried to put relevant ads or blog site.
    5. I accept direct advertising on your content from the YouTube website. If you carry your videos on a regular basis, and you have a good follow-up, you may want to accept ads on your videos.
    6. Increase your sales using videos on YouTube. If you have an online store for the sale of certain goods, and I was able to praise or compliment your listings (your goods) with YouTube videos, if you can hit the sales page on the YouTube site of your own. This may help to achieve the scenes of the video to visit your sales.


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