May 5, 2011

Electronic commerce (E-commerce)

In this digital age, which spread the Internet has expanded dramatically, popularized the concept of electronic commerce, which offer many advantages, for a business, it became possible to avoid the inconvenience of travel to meet with their partners and their customers, and became able to reduce the time and money to promote their goods and display it in the market. As for customers not they move a lot to get what they want, or stand in a long line, or even the use of traditional money, it was sufficient to acquire a computer, Internet browser program, and the involvement of the Internet.
Not limited to electronic commerce (E-Commerce) - as some think - on the sale and purchase of goods and services via the Internet, as electronic commerce - since its inception - was always include processing sales transactions and purchase and send remittances via the Internet, but e-commerce in the fact It involves what is much more than that, it has expanded to become operations include the sale and purchase of the same information along with the goods and services, do not stop e-commerce at this point, as the prospects offered by electronic commerce for companies, institutions and individuals do not stop at .
What is e-commerce?
E-commerce is a system that allows the online movements of buying and selling goods, services, information, and also provides Movements electronic support revenue generation, such as enhancing the demand for those goods and services and information, as e-commerce offers online sales support operations and customer service. And can be likened to e-commerce e-market continues its sellers (suppliers, or companies, or shops) and intermediaries (brokers) and buyers, providing the products and services in the form of virtual or digital, and paid for with electronic cash.

Can be divided into the activities of electronic commerce in its present form to two main sections:

    1. E-commerce companies to individual customers (Business-to-Consumer), and the term is shorthand forB2C, which represents the trade exchange between the companies on the one hand and individual customerson the other hand.
    2. E-commerce companies to companies (Business-to-Business), and referred to a shortcut symbol B2B;representing electronic trade exchange between the company and others.

What are the benefits that accrue to firms from e-commerce?E-commerce offers many advantages that can benefit the company greatly, and recall, for example:

    * Marketing more effective, more profits: The adoption of the companies on the internet in marketing, allows them to showcase their products and services in various parts of the world without interruption - for several hours a day, seven days a year - which provides these companies a greater opportunity to reap the profits, as well as access to more customers.
    * Reduce corporate expenses: The process of preparation and maintenance of e-commerce sites on the Web more economical than building markets retail or office maintenance. Does not require companies to spend heavily on promotional things, or the installation of expensive equipment used in customer service. Does not appear there is a need in the company to use a large number of staff to conduct inventory and administrative work, as there are databases on the Internet keep on selling the company and the names of customers, and allows for a single person's information retrieval in the database to check the dates of the sale easily.
    * To connect effectively with partners and customers: folds of e-commerce distances and cross the border, which provides an effective way to exchange information with partners. And provide e-commerce is a good chance for companies to take advantage of the goods and services provided by other companies (ie suppliers), so-called e-commerce companies to companies

What are the benefits derived by customers from e-commerce?

* Save time and effort: open electronic markets (e-market) on a permanent basis (throughout the day without any holiday), does not require customers to travel or wait in a queue to buy a particular product, and not have to move this product into the house. Does not require the purchase of a product more than clicking on the product, and enter some information about the credit card. There are in addition to credit cards, many of the payment systems such as the appropriate use of electronic money (E-money).
    * Freedom of choice: the availability of e-commerce a wonderful opportunity to visit different kinds of shops on the Internet, in addition to that, it provides customers full information about the products. This is all done without any pressure from the vendors.
    * Reduced prices: There are many online companies that sell goods at prices lower than traditional stores, because online shopping offers many of the costs incurred in the ordinary shopping, which is in the interest of customers.
    * Neil User Satisfaction: The Internet provides an interactive communications directly, which allows companies in the electronic market (e-market) to take advantage of these features to respond to inquiries from customers quickly, providing better services to customers and market share to their satisfaction.

Prospects and the future of e-commerce
Increasing day by day the number of merchants who express optimism about the expected benefits frome-commerce, as it allows the trade of new small businesses compete with large companies. And developedmany techniques to overcome the obstacles faced by customers, particularly at the level of confidentiality and security of financial transactions on the Internet, and most important of these techniques protocol layers of security (Secure Socket Layers-SSL) and the Protocol to safe financial movements (Secure Electronic Transactions-SET), and result in the emergence of such Technologies and solutions to remove many of theconcerns that were for some people, these indicators and promise a bright future for e-commerce, and thebottom line is that electronic commerce has become a reality, and that the prospects and potential does notstop at the end.

Despite all these indicators, which promises a bright future for e-commerce, but itdifficult to predict what thiswill imply some trade with us , but the only thing certain is that e-commerce is here to stay .




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